Best Jurisdictions to Set Up an Offshore Company

In considering which are the best jurisdictions to set up an offshore company various features need to be looked at carefully. These include the following:

Tax Treatment of Offshore Companies

Some of the best jurisdictions to set up an offshore company are zero tax locations for offshore companies, like Belize company, meaning that offshore companies that are incorporated in these territories are not subject to local taxation. Other jurisdictions offer professional and quality offshore corporate services but are not fully fledged zero tax jurisdictions and are considered among the best jurisdictions to set an offshore company but are low tax territories where offshore companies are expected to pay a certain amount of tax, often calculated on a sliding scale based on income. Other offshore territories that are not considered to be classical tax havens or offshore jurisdictions have no specific regime in place for taxing offshore companies, but are among the best jurisdictions to set up an offshore company because all companies operating outside the jurisdiction are taxed only on a territorial basis, whereby taxes are levied only on income sourced and derived from the within the jurisdiction.

Regulations for offshore companies

The best jurisdictions to set up an offshore company are equipped with up to date regulations for offshore companies. They also ensure that local laws are not conflicting with international policies in matters concerning money laundering, drug trafficking and terrorism financing by implementing ‘know your client’ and due diligence standards that all financial and international businesses are required to carry out in their line of duty to ensure that the sources of funds and activities conducted by their customers are legitimate. Some of the best jurisdictions would have even changed their regulations for offshore companies by altering their fiscal regime from being zero tax to low tax in order to adhere to international requirements for a level playing field where tax competition is concerned.


It is important that territories considered the best jurisdictions to set up offshore companies are independent. This is because customers can be greater assured that the jurisdiction is taking decisions and measures involving offshore companies on its one, and not necessarily because of the prompting of a mother country. But, being independent may not fully not impact the quality of some of the best jurisdictions to set up offshore companies in that these territories are able to source the necessary financing and technical assistance for their offshore sectors, and customer confidence can be won on the grounds that laws of that particular jurisdiction are inherited from a system with which customers are familiar. Such is the case with The British Virgin Islands and Anguilla which are some of the best jurisdictions to set up offshore companies despite them being non independent and are British overseas territories.

Developed Infrastructure or Offshore Services

Dependability and quick services are essential for offshore corporate services. The best jurisdictions are equipped with modern and developed telecommunication services that facilitate communication at lower costs to the customer. Traveling back and forth to an offshore jurisdiction to handle offshore incorporation or company matters with a jurisdiction is both inconvenient and expensive, thus the best jurisdictions to set up an offshore company ensures that agents have the capacity to provide offshore corporate services.


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