Setting Up an Offshore Company

There are lots of reasons for setting up an offshore company, which offer many fiscal and financial beneficial to their owners and play an integral role in international business, td and commerce.

Setting up an offshore company is a relatively simple process as long as all necessary guidelines are followed.  Offshore company set up services are available in territories with offshore services.  These territories have ordinances and laws that are specifically enacted for offshore companies, like Belize company. One of the main advantages of setting up an offshore company in one of these territories is the tax exemptions that offshore companies set up there obtain.

Setting up an offshore company is one of the ways that corporations and firms are able to operate tax efficiently and reduce their tax obligations, while achieving economies of scale as international business companies.  Setting up an offshore company has been regarded as a wise business move as long as undertaken carefully, with clear cut goals in mind, and most importantly, from an informed perspective. Offshore companies facilitate transnational cooperation and enable local businesses to grow through relations built internationally. Setting up an offshore company is useful when seeking to benefit from tax treaties established between countries while operating within a tax exempt environment, such as can be done with an offshore holding company for tax benefits on incoming and outgoing dividends, payments and interests.  Setting up an offshore company can thus present and create many opportunities for the entrepreneur and investor.

Possibilities for business that are created by setting up an offshore company are not only trade related, but opens doors to accessing cheaper labour, tapping into alternate sources of financing, investment trading, raw materials, specialized technical skills and know-how that may be readily available in a certain territory and a certain level of infrastructural development that would enable the company to operate successfully and prosper.

By setting up an offshore company, individuals and corporations alike have been introduced to a new world of banking offshore, which facilitates a wide array of sophisticated transactions.   Offshore banks are specially designed to serve a broad and international clientele and therefore are equipped to serve offshore customers at the corporate and personal levels through a series of private, personal and investment banking services, online banking, forex trading, multicurrency accounts, including asset management, tax, estate planning and investment advice.  If setting up an offshore company, offshore banking is a recommendable option that will help to enhance the use and benefits of the company.

In setting up an offshore company, various legal documents are required.  These are normally prepared by the registered agent. Basic documents include the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Minutes of the First Meeting of the Directors, the Shareholders Register and Directors Register and Share Certificates.  The Memorandum and Articles of Association contain the trade name of the company, amount of shares issued, classes and types of shares issues and currency of issue, particulars of the registered agent, and company by-laws. Some of the legal documents that are issued by the Registrar when setting up a offshore company include the Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Exemption Certificate (where applicable) and Certificate of Good Standing (where applicable).




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